We are a spiritual and educational resource to family members, children and spouses of offenders.  We recognize that many friends also share an interest in the lives of those who have been incarcerated or those within the justice system at this time. There are few Christian resources available to these individuals to help them cope with the reality of surviving the justice experience. We are pleased to offer a publication which will be available shortly through the publisher, various bookstores and this website. It has been written to help family members and friends to serve their sentences successfully in the community until they are reunited with their loved ones.

Surviving the Justice Experience

An Essential Christian Resource for Families of Offenders

We recognize that offender’s need spiritual encouragement and practical information on overcoming the stigma of a criminal conviction and support to make critical life changes. To that end, we have developed a companion book for offender’s to use as a personal guide in developing Christian transformation skills. This publication is in development and expected to be released in Fall/Winter 2013. It will be available from the publisher, local bookstores and through this website. Arrangements can be made to send this book directly to the offender in prison. The contents of this volume “A Change of Heart” matches the topics outlined in the “Surviving the Justice Experience” book and provides an excellent resource for those inside and outside prison walls to continue the practical work of rehabilitation to redemption.

 A Change of Heart

 An Essential Christian Resource for Current and Former Offenders

As a Christian ministry serving offenders and their family members, we recognize our responsibility to provide reliable and practical information to mental health professionals, clergy members and community leaders currently working with these struggling individuals. This book provides a simple, but effective way to integrate the value of spirituality with the most effective psychotherapeutic interventions and martial counseling techniques. It has been written as a tool to those who have become lost to the possibilities of God’s intervention in their lives. It is focused upon helping others to acquire the five basic spiritual skills to help them achieve a distinct level of personal stability in their lives. Even with a limited background in using Christian resources, professionals can skillfully use the contents to support therapy goals between sessions without bogging down with issues of dogma or doctrine or divisive sidetracking maneuvers. The forthcoming book may be used with a client handbook currently in development. It will be available through the publisher, local bookstores and through this website.

Rehabilitation to Redemption

An Essential Christian Resource for Mental Health Professionals, Clergy and Community Leaders Working with Offenders and Their Family Members. 

For additional information about other resources or to make inquiry about our regional recovery workshops, please contact us at 888-545-5128. E-mail may be directed to staff at dismasproject@gmail.com, though individual inquiries may require a period of time to ensure response.

Dismas Project is a resource available to everyone with interests in these concerns. A blog is available on this website to facilitate conversation, information exchange or personal support and encouragement to those overwhelmed by their circumstances. If we do not have the answer, be sure that someone has confronted similar issues and some type of solution is available. The blog is a means by which all problems can be addressed by sharing your unique problems with others in a private and personal manner.


Touching Hearts, One Person at a Time.